Referral Rewards Program(c)

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Questions & Answers


Q: What is the Referral Rewards Program (c)

A: A program whereby Vets can refer friends, acquaintances or social media contacts who are good “fits” for available job openings and receive monetary rewards if the referrals get hired.


Q: Do the referrals have to be other Vets?

A: No.


Q: Can I apply for the available job openings myself if I feel qualified?

A: Yes, just send us your resume and indicate which position you’re interested in.


Q: How often are new jobs added to the Table of Job Opportunities?

A: We update the Table weekly so check back often.


Q: How do I decide if a referral I have in mind is a good “fit”?

A: Always read the job description carefully. It’s hard to find a good fit for most positions. Make sure your candidate meets all, repeat all, the requirements for the job. For example, it the position requires “5 years Java programming” experience and “resides in Sacramento, CA” and your candidate has 4 years experience and resides in San Francisco, that is not a fit! Submitting that candidate is a waste of your time and will inevitably be a pass.


Q: How do I send referrals?

A: Email your referrals to:, with subject line Referral Rewards Program. Your submissions should include:

a – Your full name and mailing address

b – Your candidate’s full name and email address, plus phone number if you know it.

c – Your candidate’s present position or experience which makes him/her a good candidate for the job

d – How you know this canididate (friend, acquaintenace, colleague, social media friend, don’t know him/her, etc.)

e – Cite the Job # and Job Title from the table containing the job titles.


Sample Email Submission –


Referral Rewards Program Submission

From: John Doe, 3314 Fifth St., Cincinnati OH 53213

Candidate: Bill Smith,, 513-875-2345

Bill is a friend. He is an experienced software engineer with Verizon.

I am submitting him for Job #22319, Software Engineer


We’ll acknowledge your referral by a return email and keep you updated if your referral advances in the hiring process.


Q: How do I find out if my candidate gets hired?

A: We’ll inform you if your candidate is called for an interview, and then inform you later if he/she gets hired. All communication is done by email. Of course, you can also keep in touch with your referral about the application if you wish.


Q: When do I get paid?

A: If your candidate gets hired and remains in the job for at least 90 days, we’ll send you a rewards check for $1000.00.


Q: I have never heard of a rewards program like this before, is this something new?

A: Actually, no, many recruiting agencies now offer similar programs.


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