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 Terms of Service 

Referral Rewards is a program whereby Vets can recommend their friends and acquaintances for specific jobs and earn a monetary reward. If the person referred gets hired by the Employer, and remains in the job for at least 90 days, $1000.00 will be payable to User (Vet). 

In case of any legal dispute, the User agrees to indemnify VJG against all damages, claims, and allegations.

  1. Referral rewards are payable only to the User (Vet) who referred the candidate who gets hired.


  1. All payment of Referral Rewards will be by Check. The transaction is not transferable.


  1. To win a Referral Reward, the User should have a Bank Account. It is not permissible for a Parent/Guardian/Representative to collect the Reward on behalf of someone else.


  1. VJG can demand a refund of the Referral Reward from the User if it is found that there had been a misinterpretation or manipulation of information, or that the User had been involved in fraudulent activities, or that the Referral Reward should not have been paid in the first instance for whatever reason.


  1. The User in participating in the Program acknowledges that he/she has full rights to do so and is not violating any policies/prohibitions of his/her employer or service.


VJG will disclose details of transactions of Referral Rewards to Government Agencies if explicitly asked to do so, for example, for purposes of taxation.











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