Job Board Network Q & A

Q:  What types of job boards comprise the JOB BOARD NETWORKS?

A:  The member job boards are published online by associations, trade publications, and industry websites.

Q: Which networks are available through your site,

A: We offer employers and recruiters full access to the Healthcare, Technology, and Diversity Job Board Networks at the lowest prices available.

Q: What is the advantage of posting jobs to these Networks as opposed to general job boards like Monster or CareerBuilder?

A: All the member job boards are very specialized so you’ll target only well-qualified professionals.  And not only will you target better candidates, you’ll save time by avoiding the need to deal with so many off-target resumes.

Q:  How will visitors to member job boards in the networks access our job postings?

A: Your postings will be included in a job feed to all member job boards and will be keyword searchable (by occupation, job function, industry,  location,  and other keywords).

Q: What if we wish to remove our job listings early, for example, if a job is filled?

A: You’ll be able to remove or add jobs instantly through your password-protected dashboard.

Q: Some of the job boards in the networks are not directly relevant to our position openings. Can we only post to selected job boards?

A: Unfortunately, no, but please remember, candidates will keyword search for job openings in their specialized fields, so those not qualified for your particular openings will not see them.  In general you can expect to receive very well-qualified candidates through our service.

Q: What if we are ONLY interested in hiring military vets?

A: In that case please go to and click on “Employers/Recruiters” on upper right of screen.

Q:  Who can we contact if we have additional questions?
A: Please send an email to