General Electric Company

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General Electric Company
Industry:  Energy, Health, Home Appliances, Transportation, Finance

At GE, company leaders believe that veterans’ unwavering dedication to protecting our freedoms is a debt that can never be fully repaid. The company does its part for candidates with military experience by providing career opportunities where their values are respected, their hard-earned abilities are utilized, and their potential for success is supported without compromise. .  (

GE Vet Recruitment Programs and Resources
Jobs for Veterans Page GE Career Fairs, GE Transition Program, Opportunities for Vets
Opportunities for Military Officers Search for jobs nationwide through a special pipeline that matches Military Occupation Codes to civilian job openings.
Junior Officer Leadership Program (JOLP) work in three eight-month rotations with GE Infrastructure’s Energy, Aviation and Oil & Gas teams.
100,000 Jobs Mission: See the 80+ companies that are part of this coalition to collectively hire 100,000 veterans by 2020 and browse their job openings
GE Job-Search Resources
GE Careers Web Page
GE Veterans Network Communicate with and help other GE-employed vets
Career Guide Three-step guide to the GE job application process
Vet Recruitment Facts and Listing of Recommended Jobs for Vets