What job search assistance is available from the federal government?

What are the duties and responsibilities of most civilian jobs?

How can I match my military occupation skills to civilian jobs?

How do I get free resume-writing help?

What are Transition Assistance Offices and how can they help me?

How much are my skills worth in the civilian marketplace?

I’d like to find out about Career Expo’s in my area.

What is the American Corporate Partners Program and how can it help me?

How can I network with other vets who are also jobhunting or who might be willing to help me?

Who are the major Vet-friendly companies, and what jobs do they have open?

Explain how Veteran Preference works in applying for a federal government job.

What are One-Stop Career Centers and how can they help me find a job?

I’ve got an interview coming up. How do I research the employer so I’ll be ready?

I want to further my education. What kinds of financial aid are out there?

What apprenticeships are available? How do I get one?

What is the Veterans Employment & Training Service (VETS)?

What’s a good source of info on colleges across the country?

How do I find out what occupations and fields are hot?

Are there any free self-assessment tools I can use to help me choose a new occupation?

I need help putting together a resume. A simple useful guide would help.

Where should I post my resume online?

How can the Internet help me land a job?

Can social networking via LinkedIn and Facebook help me? If so, how?

What are today’s best paying civilian jobs?

How do I find out what state employment services are available in my state?

I’ve heard about HireHeroes. What are they and how can they help me find a job?

I heard it’s possible to use VA benefits to pay for job training, is that so?

I’m transitioning from the National Guard. How can I locate a Transition Assistance Advisor (TAA)

Where can I find a link to my State Jobs Site or State Unemployment Office?

What job assistance is available for my family members?

I need information on my reemployment rights. I want my old job back.

I’ve heard about TAP Workshops for transitioning Reserves and Guard members. Details?

How can I learn about Federal job opportunities for vets?

What is the Troops-to-Teachers Program?

What is the Public and Community Service Registry Program?

How can I locate an association which specializes in my field or occupation?

How do I convert my military experience and training into workforce credentials?

Is a listing of Job Fairs for Vets scheduled to take place across the country available?

Where can I find info about the Fast Track program of the Institute for Veterans and Military Families?

An employer has asked for my DD Form 214. How can I get a copy of this form?

I am in immediate need of crisis counseling services.