Military-Only Career Recruitment Programs
Major American corporations offering career and job programs for vets, Guardsmen and Reservists. These programs are not available to the general public.
Cisco Systems Inc
Industry: Communications and Information Technology

Cisco is committed to connecting, training and hiring US military veterans. Cisco’s Veterans Program focuses on hiring military veterans, easing their transition to civilian life, and connecting them with educational and career opportunities in the technology field

Cisco Vet Recruitment Programs
Operation Homeforce Like our new Facebook page, search for Cisco job openings through the military job matcher app, and refer other veterans
Hero2Hired Search for jobs nationwide through a special pipeline that matches Military Occupation Codes to civilian job openings.
100,000 Jobs Mission: See the 80+ companies that are part of this coalition to collectively hire 100,000 veterans by 2020 and browse their job openings
Cisco Job-Search Resources
Cisco Caeers Web Page
Veterans Program Information Page Helping transitioning military personnel find career and educational opportunities suited to their valuable skills.
Cisco Community and Networking Opportunities This site is designed to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between veterans and corporate IT personnel, especially as related to transition assistance.