Welcome to Veteran Jobs Gateway. Our purpose is simple: Pull together all the really useful and valid Veteran job-search resources and tools that are out there. Aggregate everything that can really help Vet officers and miltechs into one website. We’ve researched the Web to find and evaluate the very best tools and information available online to help you make the transition to the civilian job market. It’s free and it’s all right here!

IMPORTANT: Doesn’t matter if you’re an active or “passive” Vet job seeker — i.e, unemployed or currently employed — or if you’re a National Guardsman or Reservist — Veteran Jobs Gateway is here to serve your needs. And not just by providing a state-of-the-art job board and comprehensive resources, but also by offering many professional and paraprofessional networking opportunities you won’t find anywhere else — a feature which has proven especially popular with transitioning junior officers and NCO’s.

Today, the civilian job market is looking better than it has in at least several years. And many top US companies are extremely serious and committed about hiring Vets, especially transitioning and retired officers and military techs. Your civilian job prospects are good right now. We hope our site makes your civilian job search a little easier (and a lot shorter).

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